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Monitoring of users Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Observing of clients - Essay Example lantic have set up observing approach that guarantees that their frameworks are secured and they can distinguish characteristics of oversaw assets that are not working inside the predetermined boundaries. Along these lines, this paper will look to clarify a portion of the standards of observing clients of screens executed by College of North Atlantic. Most importantly, College of North Atlantic’s checking strategy affirms that it is obligatory for everybody utilizing electronic framework that has a place with the foundation to consent to the understandings and rules specified in the arrangement. All the institution’s workers, contractual workers, subcontractors, understudies and volunteers must maintain the arrangements of the methodology, approaches and Acceptable Use Agreement that oversee utilization of the foundations electronic data frameworks (College of North Atlantic). The observing approach additionally focuses on the significance of this by having managerial and scholastic supervisors answerable for guaranteeing that the strategy is followed. In doing this, College of North Atlantic will guarantee that the checking strategy is followed to the last mentioned. The product strategy authorized by College of North Atlantic plays a necessary in guaranteeing that the institution’s PCs and programming are not decimated. For instance, the observing arrangement expresses that all product introduced in the framework in any division, the first arrangement of programming must be protected in an open and spot in the relating office. Furthermore, on the off chance that product was introduced and a permit record was gained, at that point the permit archive should likewise be put away in the particular office in an available and secure spot. So as to guarantee that this approach is followed to the last mentioned, at that point the organization has guaranteed that the managerial and scholastic directors of the individual offices are answerable for the product licenses obtained in their specialties (College of North Atlantic). Representatives of College of North Atlantic are not permitted to introduce

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Management Principles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 1

The executives Principles - Essay Example This report distinguishes the focal points and inconveniences of the lifetime work model and offers exercises for today’s directors who are as yet considering utilizing this lifetime business framework. At the point when workers are given lifetime work ensures, the business must think about its obligations regarding the law. Gibson and Piscitelli (1997) offer that business heads must be cautious about specific articulations which are made which can be deciphered by representatives to imply that their employments will consistently be secure. In one enormous, worldwide business condition, a business director, in passing working environment conversation, told his worker that â€Å"we will resign together†. This announcement was made in a domain where no such lifetime work ensures were a piece of the plan of action, anyway the worker had the option to persuade the lawful framework that a lifetime business contract was inferred, subsequently forcing critical ramifications for the business. Despite the fact that this was not a business where lifetime work was being offered to representatives, it will in general outline the significance of thinking about the lawful obligations of these understandings. Repa and Stewart (1999) offer that the biggest lawful hazard is when representatives start to see that agreements exist among themselves and the business substance, in this way the production of an inferred agreement becomes reason for legitimate questions. In a business where lifetime work is a piece of the plan of action, organizations must consider the dangers of these kinds of understandings as representatives have impressive lawful assets accessible if representatives see penetrates of these agreements, regardless of whether inferred or dependent on composed worker contracts. The business should likewise think about that, when offering lifetime work ensures, the present commercial center or monetary conditions won't generally, later on, be great

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Building Savings or Paying off Debt Which Should You Prioritize - OppLoans

Building Savings or Paying off Debt Which Should You Prioritize - OppLoans Building Savings or Paying off Debt: Which Should You Prioritize? Building Savings or Paying off Debt: Which Should You Prioritize?Building up savings and paying down high-interest consumer debt are both critical financial cornerstones, but which one you should you put first?There are many endless debates that have resonated throughout all of human history. Ketchup versus mustard. Fries versus onion rings. Dogs versus cats. Scots versus Scots versus other Simpsons references.But perhaps no debate has baffled humanity quite like the one between savings and debt. If you’ve got enough income to contribute a healthy amount to building up both your savings and your debt, then bully for youâ€"but unfortunately, most people will have to make some hard choices.And given that building your savings and paying off your debt are both crucial financial cornerstones, it can be tough to know which you should consider more important.There’s not necessarily one answer that will fit everyone’s situation. Thats why we spoke to the experts to find out what you s hould consider when considering your financial priorities. The case for building your savings:While paying off your debt is undoubtedly important, if you don’t have any savings, you’ll be at risk for any number of unseen events that leave you relying on high-interest no credit check loans like payday loans and cash advances to make ends meetâ€"driving you further into debt.“Whether paying off debt or prioritizing savings is a better idea depends on your particular situation,” Associate Financial Planner Anna Keisler explained.“Let’s start with your current situation. If you have extra cash to either save or put towards debt, look at your current savings amount. While it may be appealing to put all of your extra income towards your debt, it may not be the best idea.If you don’t have three to six months worth of expenses saved up in an emergency fund, you should focus on building up the emergency fund and just paying minimum debt payments until you have an adequate reser ve set aside.Remember, life happens whether you’re ready or not. It doesn’t help to spend $2,000 paying down debt, only to have a $2,000 car repair that you have to take out debt to pay for.”The case for paying off your debt:As Keisler said, what you should prioritize will always depend on your situation. Which is what all of our experts generally agreed on. Though just as Keisler leaned towards savings, others leaned a bit more towards paying down your debt.“When choosing between building up savings or paying off debt, my advice is to pay off any existing debt as quickly as possible,” suggested Deborah Sweeney, CEO of“From credit cards to student loans, pay off the debt that has the highest interest rate first and then work your way through debt with lower interest rates. Doing this improves your credit score and makes you a more attractive candidate for other financial opportunities later on.”The debt repayment method that Sweeneys referring to is called the Debt Avalanche. Check out this post to learn more.Josh Hastings, the founder of  Money Life Wax, got into some of the different types of debt and how that should impact your priorities:“High-interest consumer debt and student loans should be priorities before investing. Improving your debt to income ratio is important and freeing up your cash flow by paying off your debt allows you to throw more into investing down the road.“By focusing on debt payoff you also develop good financial behavior habits that teach you to focus on priorities instead of variable spending. Once those good financial habits are established and the debt is paid off you will be more committed to investing/saving.”And he wasn’t the only one to explain how different kinds of debt might require different levels of urgency.“Prioritize paying off debt before building up savings,” recommended Katie Ross, Education and Development Manager at  American Consumer Credit Counseling. “The longer yo u hold your debt, the more you will pay in interest in the long run.Focusing on paying off your debt allows you to reduce the amount paid to debtors, thus enabling you to more effectively save in the long run.“However, prioritizing debts like mortgage payments are an exception. Mortgages are installment loans, and while paying extra can help you repay your loan faster, as long as you can make your monthly payments, growing your savings may take the priority to paying extra.”The case for both:Of course, the best thing you can do, if it’s financially feasible, is finding a balance between paying down your debt and building up your savings.“While it’s important to pay off debt, you also want to ensure that you have savings for the future, emergencies, and to avoid going into more debt into the future,” urged Ross.“Create a budget and make a debt repayment plan. Decide how much you are going to pay towards each debt every month. Then, based on how much money you have left over, choose a percentage to put towards savings each week or month.”At the end of the day, whether you prioritize savings or debt will depend on your specific situation, as all of our experts made clear. Youll need healthy savings  and  as little consumer debt as possible to keep your finances on steady ground and keep bad credit loans like payday or title loans  away from you.Want to learn more about saving money and getting out of debt? Check out these other posts and articles from OppLoans:What’s the Best Way to Tackle Student Loan Debt?8 Good Habits to Get Your Financesâ€"and Your Lifeâ€"on TrackYour Guide to Escaping a Debt TrapThe Debt Snowball Method Can Help You Get out of DebtDo you have a   personal finance question youd like us to answer? Let us know! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.Visit OppLoans on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIN  |  InstagramContributorsJosh Hastings is a former High School Athletic Director at the secondary level who s hifted his focus in 2016 to focus more effort on his entrepreneur endeavors. In 2017 he founded  Money Life Wax (@moneylifewax), a personal finance site dedicated to helping millennials with student loans. With an emphasis on money and finance behavior, Josh started Money Life Wax  to help millennials realize there are other ways to make money and be happy in the 21st century.Anna Keisler is a Financial Planning Associate with SG Financial Advisors in the Atlanta, GA area.  When not assisting with financial planning, you can find her at the gym or trying new restaurants. She currently resides in the metro Atlanta area with her husband and two cats.Katie Ross  joined the  American Consumer Credit Counseling  management team in 2002 and is currently responsible for organizing and implementing high-performance development initiatives designed to increase consumer financial awareness. Ms. Ross’s main focus is to conceptualize the creative strategic programming for ACCC’s client bas e and national base to ensure a maximum level of educational programs that support and cultivate ACCC’s organization.Deborah Sweeney (@deborahsweeney) is the CEO of (@mycorporation). MyCorporation is a leader in online legal filing services for entrepreneurs and businesses, providing start-up bundles that include corporation and LLC formation, registered agent, DBA, and trademark copyright filing services. MyCorporation does all the work, making the business formation and maintenance quick and painless, so business owners can focus on what they do best.

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Disability as Power in the Works of Mary Duffy, Frida...

What do you do without either of your arms? What do you do for a living constrained to a wheelchair? What do you do without control over your own body? Many people in the world today spend their lives wishing things were not as they were, attempting to forget how they are, or trying to change how they are going to be. When disabled people succeed, it is commonly thought that those individuals are amazing for overcoming their disabilities and thriving in life. Is this really what they are doing? The following three women, Mary Duffy, Frieda Kahlo, and Vassar Miller transform their disabilities into the ability to create complex forms of art that force the audience to gain a different perspective on disabilities. Their disabilities†¦show more content†¦As Rosemarie Garland Thomson states, Disability performance art is a genre of self-representation, a form of autobiography, that merges the visual with the narrative. (Thomson 1). Duffy, an Irishwoman, is armless and has a delic ate hand attached directly to one shoulder. She is a survivor of the effects of the Thalidomide drug. This drug was introduced in West Germany in 1956. The Thalidomide drug was used to treat nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy, in addition to its uses as a sedative and hypnotic. It was not until 1961 that the drug was taken off the market, being identified as a human teratogen. More than 10,000 infants worldwide were born with malformations attributed to this drug, specifically malformations in the upper extremities. Mary Duffy uses the stare and tell method in her performances. Duffy uses this method by exposing her body in the nude, a body that has always been hidden, and therefore summoning the stare. By presenting her body to the viewer, the visibly disabled performance artist generates the dynamic of staring, the arrested attentiveness that registers difference on the part of the viewer. (Thomson 1). By calling upon the stare, the artist forces the audience to create and contemplate the question of What happened to you?. Therefore Mary Duffy incorporates narrative into her performance as well. She is then able to address issues, answer questions, and challenge commonly misinterpreted questions with her own thoughts and

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Persuation Paper - 862 Words

nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;When watching college athletes participating in their sports, does it ever cross one’s mind that the athletes getting paid? â€Å"The NCAA establishes rules and regulations for universities to follow and one of the most important rules is that student athletes should not receive any money with the exception of scholarships towards their tuition and housing† (Winn). In 1999, the Chronicle of Higher Education surveyed atheletes’ statistics on â€Å"graduation rates for scholarship college athletes in the NCAA’s top Division I.† Fifty-one percent of football players and 41 percent of male basketball players graduated in six years (Meggyesy). NCAA Chief Operating Officer Dan Boggan stated; â€Å"before the eligibility†¦show more content†¦Nobody made a big deal out of Tiger Woods, leaving Stanford early to begin his career in golf. Another athlete, Kobe Bryant, who plays for the L.A. Lakers, went straight out of high s chool to the NBA. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The typical high school/college athlete is distracted by all the glitter of things and money that schools are offering to the athlete rather than being consured about the education the schools can offer. Let’s say an athlete named Edward Thomas is rated number one in the nation in high school basketball. He has every big time college (university) wanting him badly, even a couple of NBA scouts are checking him out. Thomas even has a couple of highlights on Sports Center already. Now he has it in his head he can go straight to the league in the pros and get paid and finish school later. Thomas thinks that he can go to college for two years to develop better skills, and then he would stack up his paper by playing the pros, making $100,000 a year without a college degree. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Not too long ago Michigan University was caught for paying their athletes. This incident happened ten years ago, and finally the University got caught . Ed Martin was the head men’s basketball coach at U of M. Martin was caught paying his players to play for him and win a championship. After they won many championships, he was fired because the school found out what he was doing. But the NCAA found out about it, andShow MoreRelatedCyber Security Is One Of The Hottest Topic Essay1693 Words   |  7 Pagesurgency and ownership of cybersecurity problems afflicting the United States as a nation.DISCUSSION: In the last few years lots of development have been made in cyber security but at the same time anti have also developed at a same pace. These kind of papers gives an idea about the problems as a result of which users may get little more alert for all suck situations. As said above its a non ending battle so all one call do is can take suotable measures to protect itself . The more alert we are more secureRead MoreCritical Metaphor Analysis Approach7941 Words   |  32 Pages VII. APPENDIX I I. ------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION Rhetoric is the art of persuading others. Persuation is an interactive communicative process in which a message sender aims to influence the beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of the message receiver( cf. Jowettamp; O’Donnell 1992:21-26) Persuation involves exploiting existing beliefs, attitudes and values rather than introducing completely new ones. A persuader analyses an audience in orderRead MoreEssay on War and the Media2546 Words   |  11 PagesWar of 1955-1975, the American press played crucial roles of reporting until it ended up shifting its tone under the influence of occurrence of some events like the Tet Offensive, the My Lai Massacre, the bombing of Cambodia and leaking of Pentagon papers resulting into lack of trust in the press (Knightly 1975). From the beginning of the war up to present times there have been undying debates over the role of media in the war. The have been various criticisms over the American News Media’s actionsRead MoreEssay on Terrorism in Kenya3144 Words   |  13 Pagesthough the ideology behind the attacks suggests that Kenyan and Kenyans were not involved in the political dynamic that precipitated the attacks. The paper seeks to understand the political, social and cultural variables that have thrown Kenya into the geo-political limelight insofar as the so-called ‘War on Terrorism’ is concerned. The paper ends by discussing the security and economic implications of Kenya’s foreign policy positions as they relate to the evolving Middle-East conflicts. PrecipitatingRead MoreInternship Report on Ztbl20418 Words   |  82 Pages here the payment is not in cash, they issue notes to the employees of bank and issue cheques to the outsiders. The basic functions are to make payments to employees or outsiders from whom we have gotten goods or services, and then record them on papers and also on computer database. The main function of this unit is to summarize the record of transactions and to provide different kinds of reports to the needy department and personals. 7.1.4 Inter Branch Transaction Unit (IBTU): In this unit, I haveRead MoreThe Effect of Student Attitudes and Beliefs on Mathematics Education29432 Words   |  118 Pages 1991). In psychology, the Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) is a theory about the link between attitudes and behaviour. It was proposed by Icek Ajzen as an extension of the theory of reasoned action (TRA). It is one of the most predictive persuation theories. It has been applied to studies of the relations among beliefs, attitudes, behavioural intentions and behaviours in various fields such as advertising, public relations, campaigns health care etc. TPB can cover peoples voluntary behaviourRead MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 PagesSubhabrata: Gulas, Charles S; Iyer, Easwar: Shades of Green: A multi-dimensional Analysis of Environmetnal Advertising, journal of Advertising, 1995 6. Kumar, Krishna; â€Å"Meeting the Challenges of a Borderless Economy: Needed a Paradigm Shift?†: Working Paper No. 2001/4, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow (India), presented in Seminar on WTO Allied Issues held at Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow , February 24-25, 2001 . 7. Donovan R; Henley N. Social Marketing: Principles and Practice. Melbourne:

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Every Day Use by Alice Walker Essay - 875 Words

Growing up in the late 60’s as an African American in the South, Alice Walker has had to withstand many of the oppressions black people faced at the time. Her direct experience with the torment of being prejudiced by her skin color and the national movements against this, have been the fundamental basis to the themes in her writings. In her story â€Å"Everyday Use,† she depicts the different understandings of culture between a literate daughter, Dee, and her mother and sister who have not been educated and yet live a traditional simple life together. Through a series of events the author explores the adverse views on heritage among the younger and older generations of African-Americans. Within the historical context, it was time where Blacks†¦show more content†¦As she had discovered a new trend in praising African roots, Dee’s characterization, probably of West African feature, contrasts to Mama’s and Maggie’s Southern appearance. Hence, it was evident Dee had a higher intellectual advantage over her family and was now a symbol of the Black Power Movement. To their surprise, Dee addresses them with a â€Å"Wa-su-zo-Tean-o†, which is a greeting of the Buganda people of Uganda in Eastern Africa meaning â€Å"Good morning.† This information, along with her new style gave out Dee’s reason of change; she was undoubtedly trying to reconnect to her African roots. However, we cannot dismiss the way the author divided the phrase into syllables. It shows that she had trouble pronouncing it meaning her regard for this African heritage was rather forced and deceitful. Thereupon, the man, with hair all over his head and on his chin, says â€Å"Asalamalakim† which stands for â€Å"peace be with you† in Arab. His approach represents how many were embracing Islam as an alternative religion to Christianity, often perceived as the oppressors’ religion. Before Mama could even react, Dee snapped a picture with her Polaroid camera. The camera itself implies technological evolution and thus an evident disjunction of a generation to the next. Avoiding being in the picture herself, Dee is trying to frame her cultural history. She was building a faà §ade where she would display the pictures as proof of her black lineage, showing the house, the yard and her mother,Show MoreRelatedPsychology in Every Day Use by Alice Walker1532 Words   |  7 Pagesand different race wasn’t likely his top priority especially in an equal playing field but, using the basic concepts could give a new perspective on these excluded individuals, and the unique problems they may have faced. In Alice Walker’s short story â€Å"Everyday Use†, from the psychoanalytical perspective, the three women in the story represent the tri-part division of the mind, evidenced by their actions and the descriptions of each within the story. Together, each tri-part illustrates whatRead MoreEveryday Use - the Gift of Family945 Words   |  4 Pages Everyday Use is a short story that teaches a value lesson of heritage, inheritance, the past, and one’s family. For some the lesson maybe perceived as an illustration to develop the natural instinct of valuing our family and our past as objects of everyday use. However, the lesson that Alice Walker conveys to her readers is to understand that the value of heritage is within the eye of the beholder. Within this paper I will explain the strategies; I think the writer uses to convey particularRead MoreAlice Walker s Everyday Use906 Words   |  4 PagesHidden Messages A Critique of Alice Walker’s â€Å"Everyday Use† Title Often authors use the titles of their writing to portray a part of the story that will eventually come up, or to give an underlying message about what’s going on in the story. In Alice Walker’s short story, Everyday Use, she uses a title that isn’t blatantly seen within the story, but is explained through different aspects of the dialogue and actions of the characters. Walker could’ve chosen to explain the title more obviously withinRead MoreIn 1973 Alice Walker wrote a short story called Everyday Use. This story is told in first person by800 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1973 Alice Walker wrote a short story called Everyday Use. This story is told in first person by mama and in set in the Deep South. Now, Alice Walker is a very well known name when it comes to writing and acting. She began her life in Eatonton, Georgian and was the youngest of eight children. Her family made their living by sharecropping and she says that, â€Å"It was great fun being cute. But then, one day, it ended.She had an accident with a BB gun and it almost blinded her at the age of eightRead Morealice walker in search of the garden1376 Words   |  6 Pageswomen’s suppressed talent, of the artistic skills and talents that they lost because of slavery and a forced way of life. Walker builds up her arguments from historical events as well as the collective experiences of African Americans, including her own. She uses these experiences to back up her arguments formed from recollections of various African American characters and events. Walker points out that a great part of her mother’s and grandmothers’ lives have been suppressed because of their sad, darkRead MoreAnalysis Of The Flowers, By Alice Walker1525 Words   |  7 PagesGrowing up in the South and living life by working every day outside, and growing crops was how Alice Walker grew up. She has written stories about her life, and stories that have had an impact on her life based on how she grew up. The two short stories The Flowers and Everyday Use have a common theme of feeling comfortable, safe, and at peace when one is home. Walker uses diction, syntax, and characterization to develop this common theme in her writing. A house is a safe comfortable place whereRead More Everyday Use by Alice Walker Essay643 Words   |  3 PagesEveryday Use by Alice Walker In the story Everyday Use, by Alice Walker, the value of ones culture and heritage are defined as a part of life that should not be looked upon as history but as a living existence of the past. Walker writes of the conflict between two Black cultures. Dee and Maggie are sisters whom do not share the same ideals. Mama is torn between two children with different perspectives of what life truly means. In the story, Walker describes the trial and tribulationsRead MoreNineteen Fifty-five Essay1669 Words   |  7 PagesEssay question: What message do you think Alice Walker is trying to convey in the short story Nineteen fifty-five? In Nineteen fifty-five, a short story written by Alice Walker, there seems to be a variation of different messages that she is trying to convey. As an author she relates the story to real life issues as well as using the character Gracie Mae to highlight the way in which black people have been exploited by whites. The story is set over quite a vast timespan, from 1955 toRead MoreThe Usability of Symbolism in Everyday Use by Alice Walker Essay1230 Words   |  5 PagesSymbolism is a technique that author’s uses to bring out the main importance of an object, but more emphasized details are being extracted in the usage of it. Alice Walker uses quilts, for example, to symbolize a â€Å"bond between women† (Spark Notes) a relationship between women, that would get passed down from generation to generation. In this story, symbolism plays a big role that makes this more attracted to the reader’s eyes. The characters such as the following: Mama Johnson, Dee, and Maggie allRead MoreOvercoming Prejudices and Self Acceptance-the Color Purple1401 Words   |  6 PagesOvercoming Prejudices for Self Acceptance Throughout Alice Walker’s novel, The Color Purple, the main character, Celie, reveals all of the hardships she has endured during her life. Celie confides in her younger sister, Nettie, and God to express the way she feels in certain situations. As the story progresses, Celie eventually finds her voice and breaks away from all the men who oppressed her during her life. For the duration of the novel, prejudice becomes a reoccurring theme. Not only does

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Critical Essay Their Eyes Were Watching God free essay sample

Critical Essay: Their Eyess Were Watching God Essay, Research Paper Critical Essay: THEIR Eyess WERE WATCHING GOD It all begins with parents. However, although genetic sciences play a cardinal function in what sort of individual one becomes, environment is the other major factor that influences a individual? s development. The people a individual meets and the experiences one has are really of import elements impacting development. With the three matrimonies Janie has, she develops as a adult female. In each matrimony she learns valuable lessons, taking to increasingly break relationships, recognizing how a individual is to populate his/her life. In Their Eyess Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie? s three matrimonies lead her to self-knowledge and therefore to fulfilment. Janie? s matrimony to Login Killicks provides her with the realisation that matrimonies make non needfully vouch common love. Her pre-marital construct of love and matrimony is symbolized in the natural brotherhood of bee and flower: She was stretched on her back beneath the pear tree soaking in the alto chant of the sing bees, the gold of the Sun and the puffing breath of the zephyr when the unhearable voice of it all came to her. She saw a dust-bearing bee sink into the sanctum of a bloom ; the thousand sister-calyxes arch to run into the love embracing and the enraptured tremble of the tree from root to tiniest subdivision creaming in every flower and foaming with delectation. So this was a matrimony! She had been summoned to lay eyes on a disclosure. ( p.11 ) In this dream, Janie conveys her thought of matrimony being the apogee of love, of two separate entities going one and turning together. To the remainder of society, as represented by Login Killicks and her grandma, matrimony is non about love, but is instead a concern trade that merely includes protection and reproduction. Her grandma says, ? ? Tain? T Logan Killicks Ah wants you to hold, babe, it? s protection. ? ( p.15 ) These beliefs run contrary to everything that Janie has wished and hoped a matrimony to be: ? Ah wants things sweet wid mah matrimony lak when you sit under a pear tree and think. ? ( p.24 ) , a matrimony that is filled with an equal and physical love. When she inquiries her grandma, Nanny continually indoctrinates her with positions of matrimony she does non accept. She eventually relents and marries Login Killicks. As her matrimony unfolds, Janie Begins to oppugn herself and why she had yielded to positions that she neer believed in. ? Did marriage stop the cosmic solitariness of the unmated? Did marriage compel like the Sun the twenty-four hours? ? ( p.21 ) . Finally, she comes to the realisation that, ? matrimony did non do love. Janie? s foremost dream was dead, so she became a woman. ? ( p.25 ) In her matrimony to Joe Starks, Janie shortly learns that her new muliebrity serves merely to reflect his place and wealth. From the beginning of their relationship, marks indicate that Joe is non needfully the love Janie is looking for. ? On the train the following twenty-four hours, Joe didn? t make many addresss with rimes to her, but he bought her the best things the meatman had # 8230 ; ? ( p.34 ) The consequence money has on Joe? s life is already evident. He buys her merely material things because he is ownership-oriented. Janie notices the job early in the relationship and confronts Joe about it, stating? it jus? looks lak it keeps us in some manner we ain? t natural wid one nother. You? se ever off talkin? and fixin? things, and Ah feels lak Ah? m jus? markin clip. Hope it shortly gits over. ? ( p.46 ) His response greatly depicts his position of her. ? Over, Janie? I god, Ah ain? t even started good. Ah told you in Delawares really beginnin? dat Ah aimed tuh be a large voice. You oughta be glad, cause digital audiotapes make uh large adult female outa you. ? ( p.46 ) Janie realizes that she can non be unfastened with Joe ; he is no longer the adult male she had met by the H2O pump. Joe has many of his ain involvements, none of which are concerned with J anie. ? She found out that she had a host of ideas she had neer expressed to him # 8230 ; She was salvaging up feelings for some adult male that she had neer seen. ? ( p.72 ) He continues to handle Janie as a contemplation of himself when he wants her to appear attractive ; love at merely a material degree. ? Jody told her to dress up and stand in the shop all that flushing # 8230 ; and he didn? t mean for cipher else? s married woman to rank with her. ? ( p.41 ) Joe besides suppresses Janie, both as a adult female and a human being, and sets a bound on her self-realization, handling her more like an object than a adult female. He lumps adult females in with mere things: ? Person got to believe for adult females and chilun and poulets and cattles. ? ( p.71 ) All in all, throughout her matrimony she learns that wealth does non convey felicity. Finally recognizing that she is merely another ownership of Joe Starks, she says, ? You done lived wid me for 20 old ages and you don? t half cognize me atall. And you could hold but you was so busy worshippin? de plants of yo? ain custodies, and cuffin? folks around in their heads till you didn? t see uh whole pile uh things yuh could have. ? ( p.86 ) After Joe dies, she besides concludes that she had been losing something in her life, and realizes the following adult male she meets is perfect for her. Janie? s development as a adult female becomes complete after life and larning with Vergible? Tea Cake? Woods. Tea Cake catalyzes the concluding phase of development of Janie as a adult female. From Tea Cake, Janie learns to love and what it feels like to be loved. He represents everything Janie has of all time wanted in a matrimony: She couldn? Ts make him look like any other adult male to her. He looked like the love ideas to be oppressing scent out of the universe with his footfalls. Crushing aromatic herbs with every measure he took. Spice hung about him. He was a glimpse from God. ( p.106 ) Tea Cake non merely encourages her growing to independence, but contributes to it by learning her accomplishments such as hunting and draughtss, while at the same clip, praising her for her endowments. He farther proves this by taking her fishing, runing, dance, and horticulture with her. For a piece, Janie and Tea Cake even work the Fieldss together. For the first clip in her life, Janie enjoys life because she experiences what it feels to be loved. She says ? # 8230 ; we ain? T got nothin? tuh do but make our work and come place and love? ( p.133 ) . Tea Cake has none of the fiscal stableness of the first two work forces, but has an openness of head that allows Janie to get away from people? s outlooks. He makes Janie recognize that she must make up ones mind what she wants out of life, and discovers she hated the restrictions Nanny imposed on her self-realization: ? Nanny had taken the biggest thing God of all time made, the skyline # 8230 ; and squeeze it into such a small spot of a thing that she could bind it about her granddaughter # 8217 ; s make out tight plenty to choke her. ? ( p.89 ) From her matrimony with Tea Cake, Janie eventually lives her dream of love and believes it is something really few people of all time acquire to see. Janie? s matrimony with Tea Cake brings her to a concluding phase of self-fulfillment. Janie clearly progresses in her development as a adult female through the matrimonies she has had with three really different work forces. Logan Killicks is her starting topographic point and from him she learns that she was losing a common love. Although Janie feels Joe Starks would supply her with what she thinks is love, it is merely a show to win her over, finally giving manner to his subterranean motivation of constructing a name for himself. His decease gives Janie a new opportunity, leting Tea Cake the privilege of being the following to get married Janie and the chance to learn her what it is to love and to be loved. Janie began the procedure of going a adult female when her first dream was broken and continues and completes her growing as a individual through the joys and sorrows, the letdowns and fufillments of her three matrimonies.